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We have assembled the following information and links to documents that would assist you in your business. Many of these documents may be downloaded and shared with mortgage processors and closing companies. 
 WATER IS NOT INCLUDED and is billed separately through Think Utility.


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Listed by Building, Unit Number, Unit Style Name, Number of Bed/Bath, Assessment Code,Upper or Lower Unit
Building 1- Garage units
Building 2- No garage units


The following documents are publicly available to increase a current homeowner or prospective homeowner, buyer or tenant on the associations governance and rules and regulations. All other information, including the agendas and meeting minutes of the board of directors is accessible to homeowners only.
The name by which this condominium is to be identified is THE VILLAS CONDOMINIUMS (hereinafter called the "Condominium")
Association Rules and Regulations (pdf) (Updated August 20, 2020)
All rules apply equally to all members, their guests and participants in events sponsored and operated by the Association.
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ) sheet (pdf) (Approved October 17, 2019)
According to Rule 61B-23.002 of the Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.), each condominium association must prepare and maintain a Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ) sheet.  The FAQ sheet must be updated every 12 months.
FY21 Approved Budget (pdf) (Approved October 20, 2020)
This is the approved budget for the association in their fiscal year for Jan 2021 - December 2021. 
This document is a generic form from the Department of Business and Professional Regulations. 


There is currently a single monthly assessment (aka monthly maintenance fee) owned per unit. See below by unit number or type for the monthly assessment fee.
At this time, no special assessments are under consideration.


The following is a list of amenities and coverages by the Condominium Homeowners Association Assessments:
  • Insurance: Property, Casualty, Commercial General Liability, Commercial Umbrella, Workers Compensation, Error and Omissions, Directors and Officers Liability, Fidelity Bond
  • Commercial Pool
  • Gym, Clubhouse
  • Playground area
  • Dog Waste stations throughout the community
  • Laundry Room
  • Berm entrance
  • Basic Cable (200+ channels), Free HBO
  • 100Mbps Internet 
  • Management Fees
  • Payroll (Community Manager & Maintenance)
  • Security Services
  • Gates
  • Roads
  • Required exterior building renovations, roof repairs
  • Exterior Pest Control Service
  • Lakes & Ponds Operations & Management
  • Landscaping
  • Irrigation, including Rust Prevention
  • Termite Bonds (per building)
  • Common area Electricity (building lights, street lights)
  • Exterior/Common water
  • Compactor/Trash removal
The HOA Fee is a percentage of share based on the size of the condo unit you own. The percentage of share is found in Exhibit A-3 in the Declaration. We have included this below. Additionally, a breakdown of the unit type and monthly HOA Assessments is also listed below.


The following are insurance documents that can be downloaded and provided to buyers or sellers. Should you need a copy of the Certificate of Insurance for the master building policy, please contact the Community Manager.
Each building has it's own wind mit certificate. To request a wind mit report for a specific building/unit, please contact Pam Lasher, McGriff Insurance at
Additional Insurance Documents


The minimum lease permissible is 6 months. No AirBnB type of rentals is allowed. The association defines a short-term occupancy as anything less than 6 month or 183 days. 
Every Lease of a Unit shall be in writing, shall transfer possession of the entire Unit and not a portion or portions thereof, and shall require the Tenant and other occupants of the Unit to comply with the requirements of this Declaration and the other Condominium Documents. The Owner of a residential Unit shall provide notice of any Lease thereof, together with such additional information the Board of Directors may reasonably require, to the Board at least fifteen (15) days before the proposed commencement of the term of such Lease, and shall provide the proposed Tenant with current copies of these Rules & Regulations and the other Condominium Documents. The Owner of a Unit, by leasing such Unit, shall be deemed to have assigned all the Owner's rights to use and enjoy the Common Elements to the Tenant during the term of the Lease. For purposes of this Rule and Section 17 of the Declaration, the terms "lease" and "leasing" refer to the regular, exclusive occupancy of a Unit by one or more Persons, other than the Owner, for which the Owner receives any consideration or benefit, including, but not limited to, rent, fees, or in-kind goods or services. The Owner of a Unit shall be subject to a $100 fine for each violation of this Rule or Section 17 of the Declaration, or for each day of a continuing violation after notice. Adopted pursuant to Subsections 3A(j), 3A(g), 17.1, 17.8, 17.15, 18.3 and 20.2 of the Declaration.
Leases. Units may be rented or occupied only in their entirety as a single family dwelling, and no fraction or portion of a Unit may be rented, leased, licensed or occupied under an occupancy agreement. No individual rooms or portion of a Unit may be leased, rented or licensed on any terms whatsoever. No tenancies shall be
permitted except those which strictly conform to the following:
  1. All lease agreements shall be in writing.
  2. All lease agreements, together with an application signed by both the Owner and Tenant in a form acceptable to the Association shall be submitted to the Association for approval at least five (5) days prior to commencement of the lease term and shall require the written approval of the Association. The Board of Directors may require a standard form application for lease approval, a standard from lease, and any other information regarding the tenant(s) or occupants as the Association may reasonably require. The approval or disapproval of a tenant shall be made by the Board, or the Board may delegate its authority to a Committee or to the Manager. 
  3. The application will require the tenant to provide the following information:
    1. Credit references and information regarding bankruptcy. 
    2. Information regarding misdemeanor and felony arrest, disposition, and sanction records for all who will occupy the rental address.
    3. Driver's license number and state of issue for all who will occupy the rental address.
    4. A list of all vehicles and license plate numbers that will be parked at the rental address. 
    5. Previous addresses.
  4. A thorough background check of the tenants and any occupants may be completed by an investigation company chosen by the Association. The investigation may be conducted as follows:
    1. Upon receipt of the copy of the written lease and the application form, the association shall engage the investigation company and receive the results of the investigation. The investigation shall be at the sole expense of the owner and the tenant, who shall pay the expense in advance. If the tenant is to pay for the investigation, advance payment shall be made by money order or certified check.
    2. The information disclosed on the application will be used by the investigation company, plus any other information as the Board may deem necessary to complete the background check.
  5. The Association may deny a lease on the ground that the proposed tenant or occupant poses a danger or undue risk to the health, safety or general welfare of the community because:
    1. The tenant or occupant has a felony conviction for a crime for which the sanction imposed has not been completed, or 
    2. the tenant or occupant has a felony conviction for a crime for which the sanction imposed has been completed, but the felony conviction disqualifying a tenant or occupant would be a crime which designates the tenant or occupant a sexual predator or sexual offender, or
    3. the proposed tenant or occupant has previously resided or occupied a dwelling in The Villas and has been cited for a violation of the Association's governing documents, including any of its rules and regulations, or 
    4. Materially false, misleading or incomplete information has been provided on the application, or
    5. the proposed tenant is receiving rent assistance under Title 42, USC, Chapter 8, Section 1437 (f).
  6. The Owner shall remove, at Owner's sole expense, by legal means, including eviction, his Tenant, and their guests, occupants, family members or invitees, should any of them refuse or fail to abide by and adhere to the Governing Documents and Rules and Regulations of the Association.
  7. All lease agreements shall state, or if silent shall be deemed to so state, that a violation by the tenant, their guests, occupants, family members or invitees of the Governing Documents including the rules and regulations is deemed to be a default under the terms of the lease and authorizes the Owner to terminate the lease without liability and to evict the lessee in accordance with Florida law.
  8. All Owners hereby delegate to the Association, acting through the Board, the power and authority of enforcement against the tenant for breaches to the lease resulting from the violation of the Governing Documents, and the rules and regulations, including the power and authority to declare the lease in default because of the violations and to evict the tenant as attorney-in-fact on behalf and for the benefit of the Owner after the Board gives notice to the Owner at the last address provided by Owner to the Association. Prior to eviction of a tenant, the Association shall give the Owner five (5) days’ notice to allow the Owner to secure compliance from the tenant. If the tenant does not cure the violation within such time period, the Board may commence eviction proceedings. If the Association proceeds to evict the tenant, any costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees incurred and court costs, associated with the eviction shall be the personal obligation of the owner, and shall be a continuing lien on the Lot to be foreclosed in the same manner as a lien for past due assessments.
  9. Any leased Unit shall be subject to the following occupancy requirements. (1) The maximum number of single family residents in any unit shall be as follows:
         (a) 1 bedroom Unit — 2 residents
         (b) 2 bedroom Unit — 4 residents
         (c) 3 bedroom Unit — 5 residents
  10. A resident is a person who occupies a Leased Unit for more than fifteen (15) days in succession, or sixty (60) days in any twelve (12) month period whether or not those days are in succession. 
  11. Any Unit in which there resides more than a single family, or in which there resides more single family residents than permitted above, shall cause all persons who reside there, including the tenant, to be subject to eviction by the Owner or the Association. The procedures and remedies set forth above shall apply, and the Association shall have standing in any court of competent jurisdiction to evict all persons occupying a Residential Unit when any one resident or occupant is in violation of paragraph for g above.
    1. Temporary storage containers used for the purposes of moving furniture and personal belongings into and out of a unit ("PODS") by an owner or Association approved tenant may only be temporarily placed on the common element for a period of seven (7) consecutive calendar days, and only after having received written permission from the Association prior to placement. Any POD that has exceeded the seven (7) day maximum or has not obtained permission from the Association shall be subject to removal by the Association using the towing procedures as set forth in paragraphs II A through F above. The unit owner, and tenant if applicable, shall be jointly and severally liable for any damages caused to the common element by the POD being placed upon or moved over the common element. The unit owner, and tenant if applicable, shall jointly and severally indemnify the Association for any claim, damages, or loss including personal injury or death, caused or in any way related to the POD, to which the Association, its directors, officers, employees, agents or representatives may become liable including attorney fees and costs, and attorney fees and costs on appeal. 
    2. No exterior radio, television or other electronic antenna or aerial may be erected or maintained anywhere within the condominium property, except that a satellite receiver 39.37" inches or less in diameter is permitted, but only if it is on a moveable stand and the stand is placed, not affixed, upon limited common element. The stand shall be placed on limited common element only when the receiver is being used to receive signals, and at all other times will be placed inside the unit. Under no circumstances shall a satellite receiver or supporting hardware be affixed to the common element or any limited common element. No holes shall be drilled, nor adhesives used to attach a satellite receiver or its supporting hardware to any portion of the condominium property. 
    3. The use of the common element by rollerblades, skateboards, scooters, and the like, whether motorized or manually propelled, is strictly prohibited. In the event any person who occupies a unit, a unit guest, or unit invitee violates this rule, the unit owner and tenant, if applicable, shall be liable, jointly and severally, for any fine, or penalty that may be imposed by the Association for violation of this rule. The unit owner, and tenant if applicable, shall be jointly and severally liable for any damages caused to the common element by the use of rollerblades, skateboards, scooters, and the like. The unit owner, and tenant if applicable, shall jointly and severally indemnify the Association for any claim, damages, or loss including personal injury or death, caused or in any way related to the use of rollerblades, skateboards, scooters, and the like, on the common element, to which the Association, its directors, officers, employees, agents or representatives may become liable, including attorney fees and costs, and attorney fees and costs on appeal.
  12. In adherence of 718.116(11), Florida Statutes, “if the unit is occupied by a tenant and the unit owner is delinquent in paying any monetary obligation due to the association, the association may make a written demand that the tenant pay to the association the subsequent rental payments and continue to make such payments until all monetary obligations of the unit owner related to the unit have been paid in full to the association. The tenant must pay the monetary obligations to the association until the association releases the tenant or the tenant discontinues tenancy in the unit.” The association may choose to work through the association attorney or management firm to follow the appropriate process outlined under s.s. 718.116(11). (Amended 5/26/20)


Pets are limited to Two (2) domesticated dogs or cats. No one may permit their pet to roam freely anywhere within the Common Elements; every dog or cat owner shall keep such owner's dog or cat on a leash or within an appropriate pet carrier whenever such dog or cat is permitted outside the confines of the pet owner's Unit. Pets (including birds, reptiles, rabbits, and other similar pets) shall not be left unattended on balconies, terraces, patios or in lanai areas. Pets shall only be walked or taken upon areas designated by the Association. Pet owners shall collect and dispose of all animal waste from their pets. Pet owners shall register their pets with the applicable local authority and shall obtain all licenses and inoculations for their pets, as required by applicable law. Pet owners shall not permit their pets to cause disturbances; including, but not limited to, making noise audible to the occupants of other Units.

For the purposes of these Rules & Regulations, the Board of Directors does restrict the weight limit on pets up to 35lbs each as verified by a licensed Veterinarian listed on vaccination records and defines dangerous breeds of dogs under Declaration 17.3 to include, but not limited to, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Bull Mastiff, Doberman, Chow Chow, etc.
The Owner or other occupants of a Unit shall be subject to a $100 fine for each violation of this Rule or Subsection 17.3 of the Declaration, or for each day of a continuing violation after notice.
Click here to download this updated form online.
Please have consideration for your neighbors!
Clean up after your pets, use the proper receptacles, keep your pets on a leash, and pets are not allowed in the pool or pool area. Pets shall only be walked in those portions of the Common Elements designated by the Association. No one likes to step in animal waste, be chased, scared by an unleashed dog, or deal with noise nuisances by owners who do not control their pets. Please do not leave pets in high temperature areas.
As per the governing Condo Documents:
  • Two domesticated dogs or cats may be maintained in a Unit provided such pets are:
    • Permitted to be so kept by applicable laws and regulations
    • Not left unattended on balconies, terraces, patios or in lanai areas
    • LEASHED at all times when on the Common Elements and/or
    • Generally, not a nuisance to residents of other Units or of Association Property
    • Not a pit bull or other breed considered to be dangerous by the Board of Directors
    • No dogs left in garages or cars
"A violation of the pet regulations shall entitle the Association to all of its rights and remedies, including, but not limited to, the right to fine Unit Owners (as provided in the By-Laws and any applicable rules and regulations) and/or to require any pets to be permanently removed from the Condominium property".
Service-Animal (SA) or Emotional-Support Animal (ESA)
  1. A unit owner or tenant may make a request for an accommodation to house a service-animal (SA) or emotional-support animal (ESA) in their unit.  The request shall be made to the board, in writing, by the unit owner or tenant.  Pursuant to this request, the Board may require the unit owner or tenant to provide reliable disability-related information, which:
    1. Verifies the existence of a disability.
    2. Outlines the needed accommodation.
    3. Shows the relationship between the person’s disability and the need for the requested accommodation.
  2. The SA/ESA may remain in residence so long as it does not damage property, create a disturbance, place other persons in fear for their safety, or create an unsanitary environment.  In that regard the owner or tenant:
    1. Must not permit the SA/ESA to bark in the unit or other commonly used areas of the condominium building and grounds.   
    2. Must pick up and properly dispose of all SA/ESA waste that the SA/ESA deposits on the condominium grounds.
    3. Must not permit the SA/ESA to growl or bark at persons as they pass by.
  3. The Condominium Association reserves the right to revoke its approval of the SA/ESA if these standards and other commonly recognized standards for animal behavior in multifamily residential housing are not met.
Adopted September 23, 2019


The only utility that is covered in the HOA Assessments is Basic Cable (200+ channels, plus Free HBO) and Basic Wi-Fi Internet (100Mbps). An account through Spectrum is required and boxes must be in the unit to connect. This is not automatic. 
All Homeowners should establish the following utility services:
  • ELECTRICITY: TECO (813-223-0800)
  • WATER: Submetered through Think Utilities (727-571-3939) Renters are not allowed to have water billed in their name.The unit owner must be the responsible billing party 
  • CABLE: Basic cable (200+ channels, plus HBO) & Internet through Spectrum (855-980-4674)
All owners and tenants are required to provide documentation of utility connection to the association office. All owners are responsible for the water used in their units (even if the tenant does not pay their bill).
For contact information for any of the above Utility Services, please go to the Contact Directory.


The following information should be communicated with prospective buyers and sellers in regards to the Association.
  • Condo Living
    • Condominium Living is not for everyone. The owner is responsible for everything from the paint inwards and all plumbing and elements that service the unit directly. 
      • Declaration 7. Maintenance and Repairs.
      • Declaration 3.3(a) Limited Common Elements - Patios, Balconies, etc.
      • Declaration 3.3(c) Limited Common Elements - Equipment.
  • Parking Restrictions in the Gated Community
    • The only designated parking space for units with garages is inside the garage and the space(s) outside of their garage door.
    • There are no assigned parking spaces for units with no garages
      • Declaration 3.3(b) Limited Common Elements - Parking Spaces.
    • All vehicles must obtain a parking decal from the Community Manager. Homeowners will bring their HUD Statement after closing to obtain this decal and other information.
    • Owners may obtain a Gate Access sticker for $15 for each vehicle. Please have them bring in a copy of their Vehicle Registration. Only Check or Money Orders are accepted at this time. 
    • No trailers, boats, recreational vehicles, commercial (or wrapped for commercial purposes) trucks, vans or vehicles, or other similar items shall be stored or parked permanently or temporarily in any limited common element or common element parking space, or on the common element generally. (Rules and Regulations 3(d) Parking)
  • Building Renovations
    • The Association is currently required to repair 3 remaining buildings, which include replacing the stucco, 2x4s and plywood.
    • If a Title Company needs additional information, please contact the Community Manager.
  • Architectural Review Board
    • Owners are required to receive written permission from the Architectural Review Board for any improvements made upon the interior and exterior of their unit. The ARB Application is made available to homeowners. The Board of Directors must approve any improvements made, including landscaping. 
    • Exterior paint colors, approved plants for landscaping, door and window guidelines, etc. can be obtained from the Community Manager. 
    • Approval from the Board of Directors must be obtained prior to any work starting. Approval can take up to 30 days. 
      • Declaration 9.1 Additions, Alterations or Improvements by Unit Owner.
  • Fining Committee
    • Periodic inspections for violations to the Rules and Regulations and Declaration is conducted. The policy is adopted by the Board of Directors and all homeowners (and their invitees and guests) have 15 days to come into compliance before fines are placed on the unit owner.
      • Declaration 18.3 Fines.
The PDF layouts below provide the dimensions of each unit type, including the square footage. 
COMMUNITY MAP [Click to Download]
*Please note that this file is from the original developer and not sized accurately. The playground and retention pond are not listed on this map. The Car Wash does not work and has not worked since 2007.


According to the Association's Declaration of Condominium & Rules and Regulations, no sign of any kind, including For Sale or For Rent signs may be posted in the unit, on/around the building or around the community at any time. Owners and Realtors are encouraged to advertise online through private marketing websites and/or the public MLS to advertise their units.
6.  Use of Common Elements. The use of the Common Elements by the Owners or other occupants of the Units and their Guests shall be subject to the following restrictions:
a. Signs, Displays, Etc. No one may place any sign, poster, advertising device, notice or other display of any kind within the Common Elements, from any unit, or on any vehicle in the community. This Rule shall not apply to Developer or its marketing and sales personnel, or the Association. The Owner or other occupants of a Unit shall be subject to a $50 fine for each violation of this Rule for each day of a continuing violation after notice. Adopted pursuant to Subsections 9.3, 11.1, 17.1 and 18.3 of the Declaration.


The Villas Condos is a gated community that provides access to owners and their invitees only at this time. The Board of Directors does not provide a general vendor code to Realtors to access the community at any time. Realtors are encouraged to use the guest kiosk to contact the owner, tenant, or property manager of the unit to gain access when the Clubhouse Office and/or Manager is not available/open. 
Additionally, Open Houses are not permitted at this time. 


Can a buyer qualify for FHA or VA Loans?
The Villas Condos is not an FHA-approved Condominium Association. Therefore, many governmental loans would not qualify.
Are Open Houses permitted for units listed For Sale or For Rent?
Unfortunately, The Villas Condos is a gated community and does not permit open houses. Signs are not permitted to be in the ground or on the buildings. Showings should be scheduled and access to enter the gate granted by the homeowner or rental management company (with management agreement on file). 
If you have any questions or need any additional information, you may contact Jim Smith, Community Manager, at 813-994-2006 or via email at