Tenant Application

The Villas Condos is a private, gated, homeowners association community and requires that all new tenants applying to an owner condominium go through an application and approval process. The link to complete the application is below. Please note this application may be in addition to any application completed for a property manager, owner or other company on behalf of the homeowner. This application requires a background check and does not do a hard pull on your credit. The fee is $100 per applicant over 18 years of age occupying the unit or $100 per married couple (upload marriage certificate). The entire application is online and you would be required to create an account. The application fee is collected online when the application is submitted.
Timeline for Decisions
The Villas Condos Board of Directors has 15 days to review the application and make a decision. There is a Rush Service available for a small fee. If you would like a decision back within 5 days, please consider using the Rush Service for an additional $25.
Documents Needed
The following is a list of documents you will need to have available electronically to upload during the application process.
  • Photo Identification (US Driver's License or Passport)
  • Marriage Certificate (If applicable and if married with different last names)
  • Pet Photo (If Applicable)
  • Vehicle Registration for each vehicle (If Applicable)
  • Copy of Lease Agreement Signed by the Applicant(s) and the Owner(s) (clause can include pending association approval)
    • Additional Note: Please inform your property manager, owner, or landlord that the Lease can have a statement in the Lease that says its only valid or enforceable with Association approval. The Association wants to have the owners (or their designees) approval of any applicant before the Association reviews the application for approval. If there are any questions, please contact the Community Manager.
Important information to be collected
Some or all of the following Items may be required, make sure to have the information handy in order to complete the application process.
  • Social Security number for both applicants
  • Moving address (The address you are applying to)
  • Current address
  • Current and past landlord information
  • Real estate agent OR Property Manager/Management Company
  • Personal References Name, Email and Phone Numbers
  • Employer information
  • Pet information (If Applicable)
  • Vehicle information (such as Tag number, make, year and model)
  • We DO NOT require a hard inquiry on your credit report
About Tenant Evaluation
Tenant Evaluation is a tenant screening service.
Tenant Evaluation takes rental/purchase applications and processes them for the community that you are applying for. This information helps the Associations make an informed decision. Tenant Evaluation does not decide if you are approved. The Association screening committee makes the final decision after reviewing your application.
I understand that I may be offered the rush (expedite) option at the time of payment. The Rush Service will make your application a priority within Tenant Evaluation's processing system. It does not guarantee priority on the association's approval/denial time-frame. This Rush Service is Non-Refundable and it is an optional feature.
Tenant Evaluation Privacy Protection
Tenant Evaluation understands the importance of keeping your information secure from unauthorized access. All of your sensitive data is encrypted before being transmitted to/from our servers. Tenant Evaluation is a Level 1 Compliant Organization. For details on Level 1 security standards please Click Here.
Application Process
Step 1: Click the Link Below.
Step 2: Create your user account.
Step 3: Enter Code 9309
Step 4: Complete the entire application.
Sign: Once payment has been processed, you will be requested to sign a Receipt and provide your Authorization for Application processing. You will also be requested to Electronically sign the Community’s Application. If applicable, once you have completed and signed all the forms, your co-applicant will need to also Electronically sign the Application through their own user account.
Upload: Through your account, you will be requested to upload the documentation required by the community in order to complete your application.
* Any additional occupants 18 years old or older (in addition to the Applicant or Co-Applicant)
will have to make a separate application (i.e. son or daughter who is over the age of 18 and living in the unit)*
Should you have any questions or need application support, please contact Customer Support at Support@TenantEvaluation.com or contact them at + 1 305-692-7900 from 9:00am - 5:30pm Monday - Friday. Download Support Sheet Online here.