Vendor Directory

The vendors in the directory below are referrals from homeowners. The Villas Condominium Association does not endorse nor provide any guarantee of performance or workmanship. Owners should use these recommendations at their own discretion and verify that each vendor is current on their license and insurance to operate in the State of Florida. All owners are responsible for any damage caused to their unit and any adjacent unit.

Category # Businesses
Automotive/Towing 0
Cable/Internet 2
Carpentry 0
Donation Haul Away 1
Electrical 1
Garage Doors 1
General 1
Handyman 1
House Cleaning 0
Insurance 0
Junk Hauling 2
Locksmith 0
Mailbox Keys 1
Movers 1
Painting 0
Patio Screening 3
Pest Control 0
Plumbing 2
Property Management 4
Realtors 4
Windows 2